PML #9000

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PML 9000 Flat Deck Barge - 9000 TN Capacity
Eqipped with a 150 TN Crawler Crane and/or a self unloading conveyor with two RT Loaders, and/or a 4 CY hydraulic scrapper crane, available open deck 350' X 72', push notch, 30" bulwarks.
Official Number: 822480
Gross Tonnage: 4285
Net Tons: 1285
Length: 400', 0"
Beam: 76', 0"
Moulded Depth: 20'
Capacity: 9000 Tons

4 air operated deck winches
1 air operated anchor winch
150 KW deisel
700 CFM
Liquid cargo & ballast
1 - 8" Diam. Deisel
2 - 8" Electric
Bow Thruster
400 HP Omni Thruster
Diesel driven 400 HP Hydraulic motor.
Off Loading Conveyor (Mobile)
120' long 36" hydraulic operated to deposit material 80' from the barge side in a 40' pile (mounted on a crawler undercarriage).
Liquid Cargo Capacity (Non Flammable)
3 center line tanks @ 12000 BBL. Each
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View some images of the PML 9000 at work:
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PML 9000 & the 5600HP tug Reliance transporting prefab parts for a $600M power plant from Nova Scotia to Michigan in 2006 (Photo by Boatnerd.com).

The 5600HP tug Reliance integrated with loaded barge PML 9000 proceeding through the Welland Canal (Photo by Boatnerd.com)

120' mobile unloading conveyor set at bow of barge while barge is loading.

PML being loaded with a ship loader at A.S.I.

PML 9000 loaded with granulated slag.

PML 9000 Deck Barge with unloading conveyor at bow.

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