Purvis Marine has available for hire a fleet of tugs capable of towing on the Great Lakes and in an offshore environment, as well as tugs and work boats which can be transported to small inland waters and operate in shallow waters.View a list of our Tugs
The companies larger Barges are load lined for use in the Great Lakes. The Barges big and small can carry almost any type of cargo to any port in the Great Lakes.View a list of our Barges
The company is the major salvor in the St. Mary's River system at Sault Ste. Marie and has on station sufficient salvage Tugs & Equipment to handle almost any salvage work.
The 5000 Ton capacity Self Loading & Discharging bulk carrier Yankcanuck has been employed moving specialized cargos or bulk materials to and from Great Lakes ports and the Arctic ports of Canada.View our Cargo Vessel
Marine Equipment Rentals
We will be glad to supply our customers with any of our Marine Fleet as shown on this web site when it is available and under a mutually agreed charter or rental agreement. Please contact us if you have a need for this equipment.View our Marine Equipment
Our diving teams have considerable experience in salvage, underwater pipelaying repairs and construction. They are available at our Sault Ste. Marie base 24 hrs a day. View a list of services that we have provided to our customers
Dredging, Pile Driving and Marine Construction
The company is always ready to carry out particular marine oriented construction and is constantly being employed in making the necessary major repairs to its customers marine facilities. We have an extensive fleet of crane barges for dredging in Canadian waters. View more information & pictures about these services.
Dock Services in Sault Ste. Marie
The companies main dock at Sault Ste. Marie Ontario can accommodate vessels with a draft of 6.1 meters. The full face dock is 100 meters long and has an approach pier to accommodate the loading and offloading of smaller vessels.

The dock employees are trained and capable of providing tug and stevedoring services to our customers at reasonable rates.

The Sault Ste. Marie dock has a permanent, experienced crew of men trained in stevedoring. This crew is available to our customers at any time and anywhere in the port of Sault Ste. Marie.
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